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4 December, 2011

On the road..

On the road..

On my way back from an awesome weekend getaway, sitting at the back seat of the car, I realised how much I loved travelling. I do miss home and being with my close knit circle of friends but nothing can measure to the thrill of travelling… Moving away from home at an early age gave me the opportunity to explore the world around me. I would never give up on the opportunity of visiting a new place for anything else in this world. I hope to write more about all the trips till date… 🙂

I hope I’ll get to travel more this December and I hope you find a place that you would like to explore during this holiday season.. Share your travel experiences with me. I’d love to read about them and may be follow your steps.. 😀


2 December, 2011


I had pledged to write about a special moment everyday but I could not keep up to that.

I still did not miss out on capturing those moments.. I just could not find the time to pen it down and share it with you. So, here it goes.

Still Life

The blues

On 2 December 2011, my day started out the same as every other weekday – Wake up early, walk around like a zombie in a half asleep state trying to get ready for a busy day and then travel to my workplace with those familar but unknown people. I got to work and was reminded by the alerts on my PC about the busy day planned ahead. And then, what caught my attention was that just a day into December and everyone around me was already discussing about their plans for an awesome vacation with family, friends and loved ones. That’s when it hit me that living abroad not only opened a door for a lot of opportunites but also had a downside to it.

I missed being home.

I realised that every December I ran back home to my family, friends and the comfort of it all. But this time, I have the opportunity to experience the season of festivity outside of my closed circle. I had a rush of mixed emotions and thoughts, in a way it was exciting that I was going to stay in Singapore for the first time during Christmas in almost four years but more than that I was worried how my favourite month would turn out to be. After a roller coaster ride through the year, I wanted December to be special but a day into the month and I was already upset.

But life can really take an unexpected turn any time, all we need is hope for the best to come our way and have some patience. My friends suddenly invited me to join them to Malacca in Malaysia for the weekend. By the end of that gloomy day, I’d already had a peek at how great this time in Singapore was going to be.

On the road


Martin Luther King, Jr. said “We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”

It is easier said than done but it really helps to look at sad moments as, ‘it cannot get worse than this, it just HAS TO get better’. Hope and faith are the catalyst for a better tomorrow.

I hope you have the best December with your family and friends. And if you are away from home like me, I hope this December will be extra special for you.  And you can always share it with me.. 🙂 :p

Once you choose hope, anything’s possible” by Christopher Reeve