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3 December, 2011






All of us whether professionals, top executives, students or stay at home parents are living a monotonous mechanical life. We’re all in search of something everyday – success, happiness, love, truth, friends, peace and their derivatives. But if we take some time, pause, and think about it; All of these goals are what Life is. These things come and go, they have life span. Trying to sustain or hold on to any of these is what spurs our mechanical lives.

Most of the people around me say they need a break or need a vacation, but I really wonder how many of us really take a BREAK. Even our vacations are action packed. Things to do, things to see, what to eat and who to visit??? How many of us really make some time for solitude. We are so used to having people around us and the noise around us is what keeps us going these days.

I think all of us need some ‘ALONE’ time where we can analyze our thoughts and motives, deal with our anxieties, develop a passion for something new and renew our faith in ourselves. This is one of the important  lessons I learnt from the past few events that occurred in my life. It brought me closer to myself. I realized that no one else can lift my spirit higher than I can. The world around will be happy if I can keep myself happy and that does require occasional alienation from the active life.

This December, I would like to allot myself some time with ME and think about how I would like to see the new year take shape. I’d like to pamper myself, do something to make a complete stranger smile and just have fun for ME.

Take some time off this December for yourself and do the things you always wanted to do and retrospect on how you would like for the new year to be.

Please do share the moments that make this month special for you with me. 😀